Getting a breath of air

Traffic is becoming a problem in everyday life, especially for those who live in big cities, where pollution is not simply a logistical problem, but a problem that concerns health.

In the last few years, many solution to this problem have been suggested, and sometimes also adopted, but we are probably still far from a definitive answer.

Some suggest reducing what could be called ‘the commuter phenomenon’, allowing people to make the most of the new technologies and therefore encourage them to work and study in their own homes.

In my opinion, this is not practical solution, because some jobs still require a physical contact, and reducing this may badly affect children in their learning to socialize with others.

Furthermore, I strongly believe that everyone needs to see their boss or teacher face-to-face, because you really can’t solve certain issues via the internet.

I would prefer the solution that contemplates increasing the use of public transport, instead of our own cars. Sometimes public transport is cheaper and is surely faster in the city centres. This would help greatly in eliminating the terrible congestion we’re used to in such places, and would even make our shopping around those streets more relaxing.

The same issues regarding work and educations apply to shopping; it is evident that certain items, such as clothes, are almost impossible to buy online: how would you try them on?

In conclusion, I guess that using public transport is a far better solution to the traffic problem than having to do everything from home. It also represents an undoubtedly more human solution: human beings are social beings, and I can assure anyone that staying stuck at home all day is not a happy perspective on life.

The point is that even commuting, however limited, can be a way of ‘getting a breath of air’.


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