Vasco’s Odyssey

 L’Odissea del Vasco (English: Vasco’s Odyssey)  is an investigative reportage in Italian language about the situation of my former High School. Although the school clearly needs to be relocated in a safer building, the authorities (the mayors, the governors of the Province and the Region) have done nothing for 20 years. Thus, the students of the Liceo Scientifico “G.Vasco” are still attending lessons in the same unsafe and unfit old building, making protests year after year and waiting for a significant change.

However, Italian politics still hasn’t come up with a suitable solution, and it is unlikely that it will find one soon. Just like Italian politics at a more national level.

This local story is a mirror of the disappointment, disillusion and anger Italian people feel for politics at this stage of Italy’s history.

Some day, I would like to make a fully English version of it  with proper subtitles and voiceovers in English language.

I believe that such reportage, if translated into English, could provide the English-speaking world, which sometimes find it difficult to understand what is going on in the “Bel Paese”, with valuable insight into the Italian school system, and the deep political crisis that Italy is currently living.


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