‘A stage among the vineyards’: music, art, and food festival in Castiglione Tinella

The famous music festival starts today with the concert Amemanera

The traditional summer music festival in Castiglione Tinella (Cuneo) starts tonight with the show ‘Amemanera’, an amazing project that promotes the album by Marco Soria e Marica Canavese: traditional Piedmontese songs mixed with new sonorities, different styles and harmonization. Performing on the stage: Marco Soria, at the guitar, Marica Canavese, with her sweet voice, Luciano Alì at the drums, Claudio Rossi at the violin, guitar and mandolin, Beppe Lombardi at the contrabass and electric bass. An absolutely not to miss night, considering the quality of the interpretation and of the deep and rich cultural research behind their work.

The concert will start… CONTINUE TO READ THIS ARTICLE on TargatoCN UK:  http://uk.targatocn.it/2013/07/15/sommario/targatocn-uk/leggi-notizia/argomenti/events/articolo/a-stage-among-the-vineyards-music-art-and-food-festival-in-castiglione-tinella.html#.UeQK_2R82-U


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