20th Cerveza Fest: a whole weekend of beer in Ceva

The traditional beer festival also celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

The Cerveza Fest of Ceva (Cuneo) will begin tonight (Wednesday, 17th July), and will go on for the whole weekend until Sunday, 21st July.

The Festival offers a rich list of beers and a rich programme of concerts, along with good-quality food served by the Cerveza kitchen staff: hot dogs, hamburgers, Kebabs, sweet crepes, but also pasta, meet, fries, crostoni (large pieces of toast served with meat) –and bruschettas.

This is a particularly significant year for the Cerveza Fest, since the event has reached its 20th edition.

The previous editions… CONTINUE TO READ THIS ARTICLE on TargatoCN UK: http://uk.targatocn.it/2013/07/17/sommario/targatocn-uk/leggi-notizia/argomenti/events/articolo/20th-cerveza-fest-for-the-entire-weekend-in-ceva.html#.UelNFmR82-U

cerveza fest sotto palco


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