Nutella: 50 years full of stories

Tomorrow the world-famous hazelnut chocolate spread will celebrate its 50th anniversary


Although many people might not know it, Nutella is Italian.

The first jar of the very popular hazelnut chocolate spread was produced by the Italian company Ferrero SpA in Alba (in the Province of Cuneo, North West of Italy), on the 20th of April 1964.

The origins of Nutella have to be found in the Pasta Gianduja, created by Piero Ferrero, a baker in Alba, in 1946. Originally a solid block made with the hazelnuts coming from the Langhe hills of Piedmont, an area very well known also for the production of top-market wines,  it was then transformed into a creamy version in 1951, and renamed Supercrema (suprecream).

 Tomorrow, on 20th April 2014, which also coincides with Easter Sunday, Nutella will turn 50. Over the past half century, Nutella has become so famous and so popular all over the world that even a day of the year, the 5th of February, was officially set to celebrate it internationally: the World Nutella Day.

 Ferrero has already introduced in the market special editions of the jar, clearly inviting on the label all Nutella lovers to share their stories.

“I love nutella. The first time I tried it was certainly a memorable moment. It tasted better than chocolate! Now instead of eating chocolate, I would eat a spoonful of nutella instead,” says anne.lee.906, from Australia.

And Shubs adds: “In 1988 I migrated to Melbourne Australia from the middle east. I was 10 years old. Nutella was a common part of breakfast growing up in the middle east. When I found out we were migrating to Australia I was both excited and nervous. I still remember seeing Nutella for the first time in the supermarket and feeling excited. It was like a piece of home had migrated with me.”

In the UK, Nutella fans are equally as fond of the magic spread: “My first time with Nutella was truly amazing. For years I had heard stories of its wonders yet I didn’t feel ready for it until this year. I was visiting my friends and in the morning one thing just lead to another. They made me pancakes with nutella and wow… I will never forget my first time,” bekkiigrogie has to confess.

Many more stories are published on the official website and can be found, together with a countdown to the event of the anniversary, at this link:

READ this article and MORE on TargatoCN UK:


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